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60 seconds with… Jack Wright

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Here at Mizaic, our team of experts are the heartbeat of everything we do. They are what make the digital transformation projects for the country’s NHS Trusts possible, and many of them have learned — and first-hand — experience within the healthcare sector.

We want you to get the chance to meet the talented and passionate group of people behind the scenes, which is why we’ve launched this employee Q&A series.

Next up, it’s Jack Wright, one of our developers.

1. What does a typical day in your role look like?

Upon arriving at the office — if I’m not working from home — my first task is always to check if I’ve been assigned any pull requests. This is a coding review and feedback task, where I can provide feedback to the developer who is planning to include the code in MediViewer. I also create pull requests of my own and assign them to my peers.

Mid-morning, I generally join a stand-up meeting with the rest of the developers and QA team — this is where we quickfire describe what we did the day before, and also discuss our sprint progress. There’ll also be follow-up sessions for us developers, where we can ask for or provide help and updates. We always use these sessions to give kudos to our colleagues, too!

No one day is ever the same, and throughout the week, I also attend meetings with designers and the product team, to discuss and share our ideas for the software.

And in between all the important discussions, I’m busy developing MediViewer!

2. Tell us about one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on:

As a developer, MediViewer is my core, ongoing project — and I love it. The team is always looking for cutting-edge technologies to implement, and every day presents new and interesting challenges. I really enjoy working on our own tech stack, too.

3. How is Mizaic helping to revolutionise the healthcare industry?

Mizaic is taking cumbersome, costly, space-inefficient, and environmentally unfriendly paper-records and digitising them into easy to find, review, and store digital records. I love seeing updates on our company LinkedIn page showing all the empty shelves created from a MediViewer roll-out.

Also, us developers are always looking for ways to improve the software — be it finding new ways to make it even faster, safer, or more technically robust. We keep the software ‘alive’ and up to date, which makes MediViewer – and by extension, the NHS – more effective over time.

4. What’s your favourite feature of MediViewer and why?

Smart Indexing. MediViewer can automatically filter patient records by their text content. For example, if you want to find a letter, MediViewer can read the text within all patients’ records and filter out the ones that don’t look like a letter.

It works by using the Trust’s taxonomy rules, which are completely customisable. If you know you need a letter, then it greatly narrows down your options to find that one buried record, quickly. I love it because it’s simple yet provides so much value!

5. If you could be Secretary of State for Health for a day, what policies would you implement?

I would want the NHS to be a world-leading public healthcare provider and invest in further ways to optimise costs of operation. I would really want to increase staff salaries and employee numbers in the hopes of giving NHS workers more time to spend with their families and provide better care for patients. I adore the NHS and I would want it to prosper and flourish forever.

6. What’s one EDMS myth you hear that you want to debunk?

That an EDMS is ‘just’ an archiving solution. It's far more than that, it organises and indexes every single patient record provided and completely changes the workflow of the patient record retrieval process. Space savings and archiving are only a couple of the many benefits.

7. What’s the one HealthTech acronym you find yourself explaining the most — and what does it stand for?

You’ll never guess this one… EDMS — Electronic Document Management System. And this is what MediViewer is!

As I’m not customer facing in my role, it’s generally friends and relatives that aren’t as clued up on this healthcare-related acronym.

8. What’s the best piece of career advice you have been given?

Learn when to say ‘no’.

9. If one of your colleagues could win an award (work or ‘fun’) who would it be and why?

Rikki Harris, for being the best ‘human Wikipedia’ — there isn’t anything he doesn’t know something about!

10. If you could only have three apps on a smartphone, which would you pick?

I am going to guess that default apps are excluded, so my three would include one of the popular food delivery apps, YouTube, and my banking app.

To find out more about the Mizaic story, or get in touch about how we can help with your EDMS project, please contact us by emailing or calling 0203 790 7901.

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