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Empowering healthcare: A guide to patient-centric digital records in the NHS

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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, embracing digital medical records is more than a trend—it's a vital journey toward better patient-centred care. 

To navigate this path successfully, crafting a comprehensive and collaborative strategy is essential. At its heart lies the electronic document management system (EDMS), a crucial tool poised to revolutionise the clinician : patient experience.

This free guide serves to help you understand the distinct roles of electronic patient records (EPRs) and EDMS within the broader NHS digital strategy. By demystifying these roles, we unlock the full potential of a technologically empowered future for healthcare in the UK.

Within this guide, we’ll help you consider:

  • Challenges posed by the persistence of paper medical records in the NHS.

  • The need for digitisation to enhance patient care, accessibility, and sustainability. 

  • Understanding the roles of electronic patient records (EPRs) and electronic document management systems (EDMS) in the NHS digital strategy.

  • The distinct differences between EPRs and EDMSs.

  • The benefits of EDMS implementation and the transformative impact on healthcare professionals, back-office staff and patients.

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“Navigating the exciting landscape of NHS digital transformation comes with dynamic challenges, yet each hurdle presents an opportunity for us to innovate. Diverse, new, creative solutions are driving us toward unparalleled connected care in the UK.”

Jon Pickering, CEO, Mizaic

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