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Five things you need to know about Mizaic’s innovation portal

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Innovation is the lifeblood of many tech companies, but at Mizaic, we take our innovation strategy very seriously. Not only does it fuel a future-facing product roadmap, and the ongoing evolution of our NHS content platform, MediViewer. It also gives a voice to the clinicians, CCIOs, CMIOs, and other NHS Trust professionals, who use our technology on a daily basis. Crucially, it ensures that the all-important patient experience remains front and centre of our vision, however the digital, healthcare or economic landscapes continue to change.

Here, our CTO, Andrew Leeks, provides a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on inside our innovation portal, with five things you might not yet know…

  1. Our innovation portal is a rich hub of inspiration, which allows us to capture ideas, requests and suggestions, however large or small. From simple user interface adaptations - such as changing the colour of a MediViewer button - through to revolutionary overhauls which stem from a “wouldn’t it be great if…” conversation, this is the place to house it all.

  2. Importantly, everyone in the Mizaic team has access to the portal, because innovation can come from all directions. Learned experiences - particularly from colleagues who have worked within or alongside the NHS - are often the source of new thought processes, for example, as are the aspirations of our dedicated product team, who never want to stand still. But our customers and partners regularly share their own suggestions with us too, which also keep MediViewer moving forward. And there’s no such thing as a ridiculous idea, because who knows where it may take us!

  3. The capabilities of complementary healthtech solutions also breed ideas within Mizaic. We want to unlock the power of patient data, after all, and we can’t truly do that if we keep it all to ourselves. Portal suggestions sometimes stem from developments in the general tech landscape too - such as the evolving capabilities of robotic process automation, AI and large language modelling, which will take our tech stack to the next level. Naturally, we keep an eye on the competitive landscape as well, so if you identify something that another provider offers, but Mizaic doesn’t - talk to us about it. Where possible, our goal is to remain ahead of the competition, in terms of our technology’s capabilities, the interoperability of MediViewer, and the deployment support of our experienced team.

  4. The innovation portal is designed to be as intuitive as possible. In the simplest of terms, this means that it’s clever enough to avoid duplicates when ideas are logged, for example. But it is engineered to capture the information our product team really needs, too. A high level ‘user story’ is requested when an idea is inputted, for instance, so we have the context required at that point - it’s important we understand the ‘why’ behind a suggestion, so we can truly unpick a problem or opportunity. That’s the difference between us being product led, and solutions led. A simple form also asks for facts such as the origin of the idea, the type of suggestion being put forward - a change request, tender request, value add or proof of concept innovation, for example - and the urgency. This helps us determine what’s a ‘nice to have’ adaptation to MediViewer, and what could become a non-negotiable project show-stopper.

  5. Product management approaches differ from one tech firm to the next. At Mizaic, our goal is to nurture - and maintain - a true innovation mindset across the whole business, not just the product team, especially because so many employees collaborate with customers and partners on a regular basis. The innovation portal acts as a simple mechanism to capture company-wide intel on an ongoing basis, which we then use to feed and prioritise our product roadmap and longer-term strategic vision.

If you want to see what MediViewer is capable of, why not book a demo to see our NHS-renowned application for yourself? If you’re passionate about digitising medical records, and you’d like to join our product team, explore our career opportunities.

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