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Introducing our new guide: Building the economic case for an NHS EDMS

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Are you part of the 50% of NHS Trusts still without an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and relying on outdated legacy systems? Or perhaps you’re encountering stalled deployments? 

We understand that in the rapidly evolving world of digital transformation, where groundbreaking innovations seem to emerge weekly, it’s easy to overlook technologies like EDMS. However, the importance of digitising patient data within such a vital institution cannot be overstated, with recent data showing the NHS has spent more than £1 billion on storing medical records in England over the past five years. 

That’s why we’re releasing our new guide Building the economic case for an NHS EDMS which is designed to offer practical insights into how to create an economic case for EDMS technology. Drawing upon decades of experience, it provides guidance on what to consider, who to involve, and which metrics matter when assessing the costs and benefits of such an investment.

Why you can’t afford to miss this guide 

The complexity of EDMS projects often discourages Trusts from initiating change. Yet, the 

potential for transformational benefits, both fiscal and otherwise, cannot be ignored, especially at a time when NHS resources are stretched thin, and the nation's health demands attention.

Jamie Hall, our commercial lead, highlights the importance of this topic, saying, "The aim is to encourage Trusts to take a step back and think about where they could start to advance their digital maturity — for the benefit of clinicians, patients, and so many more NHS stakeholders. Because the power of an EDMS might represent only the beginning of a Trust's journey. But it's an essential starting point."

What you’ll discover inside 

We delve into topics like financial modelling within the NHS, explaining how it is a powerful process for understanding the fiscal impact of real-world decisions. We acknowledge the challenges faced by different Trusts, ranging from resource constraints to a lack of experience in implementing such technologies.

From who should be involved to how to secure funding for an EDMS implementation, this straight-talking guide gives readers the actionable insights needed to build a robust economic case by analysing the current state of paper-based records, considering the potential benefits of EDMS deployment, and understanding the broader impact on clinicians, patients, and Trusts.

You’ll also be able to read a real-life case study where legacy technology and operational inefficiencies underscored the urgent need for EDMS implementation. The story serves as a reminder that EDMS solutions offer not only monetary savings but also operational efficiencies and improved patient care.

Our motivation behind crafting this guide

Our aim is to equip NHS Trusts with the knowledge and tools needed to build a compelling economic case for implementing EDMS technology. The transformational benefits, both financial and operational, are within reach, and with the right guidance, Trusts can embark on their digital journey and revolutionise healthcare delivery in their regions.

Ready to unlock the potential of your healthcare institution and revolutionise patient care? Download our comprehensive guide, Building the economic case for an NHS EDMS, now.

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