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MediViewer - Q1 product roadmap update

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Here at Mizaic, digital transformation underpins everything we do.

We’re committed to revolutionising the clinician : patient experience at the point of care, via our Electronic Document Management System, MediViewer.

We caught up with Andrew Leeks, our chief technology officer, and Emma Cook, our product manager, to talk about our product updates from the last quarter and what’s next for the roadmap. Find out what they had to say…

Q: What new features have been deployed in Q1? And what are they?

A: In Q1, we released version 5.2 of MediViewer, which saw lots of exciting feature updates and developments. 

One of the core additions was the ‘Retention module’ — developed to help medical records teams manage and schedule the storage and deletion of patient records and images when needed. There’s the option to ‘soft delete’ or ‘hard delete’, to ensure nothing is removed by mistake, too.

Using feedback from NHS Trusts, we've also been improving the functionality of our Subject Access Requests (SARs) feature and Direct Upload, so that it has greater depth and flexibility. To align with our digital strategy and enhance our customers’ experience, we have added native Azure Blob Storage to provide scalable and secure object storage for our customers.

We have also integrated and received accreditation for Cerner's Health Information Exchange, to provide clinicians the ability to in-context launch Cerner HIE from the patient record within MediViewer, allowing for wider visibility of patient documentation.

Q: Were these revisions driven by user feedback?

A: Yes, both these updates have been driven by Trust feedback — we pride ourselves on our great relationships with customers, so we’re always in dialogue with MediViewer users to ensure the technology continues to meet their evolving needs.

Q: How much time and effort have been invested in the roadmap over the past quarter?

A: There’s always a lot of thought and effort that goes into enhancing our existing product. As I mentioned above, we spend a lot of time speaking and listening to clinicians — who make up 75% of our user base — about their likes and dislikes, challenges, and ideas about what further functionality they’d like to see. Two-way communications with Trusts is vital to the roadmap work we do, and we’ll be continuing to focus on more product enhancements over the next 12-18 months.

Q: Can you tell us what’s coming up in H2?

A: This year we’ll be updating MediViewer’s user interface (UI). We’ll be keeping all the ‘best bits’ of the application — relating to performance, speed, and usability — but we’ll be modernising the ‘look and feel’ of the technology to enhance the aesthetics and improve accessibility. We’ll also be announcing a new way to store audio and video files and to enhance MediViewers’ ability to integrate with other systems, which will really shake up the market.

Q: Finally, how do you always ensure you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to new technical developments?

A: There are multiple directions we approach this — thinking about users, Trusts, Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), and tech innovation.

We speak to clinicians, end-users, and medical records teams to understand their challenges both on an individual level and within the wider Trust and ICS.

And, more generally, from a technology innovation perspective, we’re always taking part and being involved in the wider digital conversations that are going on around healthcare.

We keep our finger on the pulse of tech developments — especially around AI and ML —  to help us identify what enhancements we could bring to our product, to further improve patient outcomes. We actually have plans to use AI to support our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality — watch this space for more updates on that.

If you’d like to find out more about our EDMS and how it could help your Trust, get in touch. Or, if you’d like to see it in action, why not book a demo?

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