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What’s in a name? The story behind Mizaic…

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It’s exactly a month since we revealed what’s been going on behind the scenes at our HQ, with a new company identity, a fresh colour palette, a bolder ambition, and our new name — Mizaic — now unveiled. We’ve been delighted with the reaction to the rebrand, and it seems employees, customers, and partners alike, all share our excitement for ‘what’s next’. 

News of the project has hit the headlines throughout our industry, with all eyes now on our team — and our EDMS, MediViewer — to see just how much we can revolutionise the clinician : patient experience. But we’ve also been asked — why “Mizaic”? How did we choose the name? And what does it mean?

So here’s a little more insight…

The need to achieve a paperless, connected NHS is much talked about, with the benefits of digitisation and integrated care widely understood. Yet with Trusts operating as individual organisations — each using different, disparate systems and processes — it will be a long and complex journey. 

Our business has been at the heart of this mission since 2015, with many of our colleagues having worked in the NHS for decades before that. So it made sense that we better tell this story — and our vision — through our brand. 

The goal of both our EDMS solution — MediViewer — and our digital transformation team, is to connect disjointed and unstructured patient data, and transform it into a rich mosaic of information, which creates clarity out of complexity. The result — clinicians are better empowered to do their job more efficiently, because we unlock the power of searchable, indexable and holistic medical records, stored securely in the cloud for instant access and accelerated insights. We join the dots. 

Mindful that mosaic is a commonly used word, we played with the spelling, as you can see, to make our brand stand out. 

The use of the first letter “i” in Mizaic represents the information we are so passionate about delivering, but keep your eyes peeled for other words that spin out of that “i” — insightful, intelligent, instant, indexable, and more. We also changed the “s” in mosaic to aid pronunciation. 

Hopefully our brand will further come to life as we unveil more new developments from the Mizaic team. Watch this space…

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