Building the economic case for an NHS EDMS

A guide to financial modelling when digitising medical records

The deployment of an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) can represent a long and complex programme of work, which needs to be carefully planned, resourced, and of course, financed. But forward-thinking Trusts acknowledge the many clinical, operational, and fiscal benefits that can be achieved following the digitisation of patient records. And when NHS resources are so stretched, and the health of the nation requires such significant attention, these benefits cannot be ignored.

This document is therefore designed to provide a practical, insightful exploration into the creation of an economic case for EDMS technology, drawing upon decades of learned experiences from the Mizaic team.

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Within this guide, we’ll help you consider:

  • Who to involve in the creation of an economic case — which stakeholders matter?

  • The critical metrics that should form part of the financial modelling exercise.

  • How to begin calculating the true cost, benefits, ROI, and possible payback period for an EDMS investment.

  • How the numbers have stacked up for other NHS Trusts.

  • What to do next, when advancing your digital maturity journey.

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“Whilst it may seem like an abstract task, financial modelling is a powerful process of understanding the potential fiscal impact of a real world decision — undertaken effectively, it therefore acts as an influential gateway to change.”

Jennie Costello, CFO, Mizaic

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